Hi, I'm Francois Delfosse. I try to keep it simple, I like going strait to the point, in a clear and direct style reminding me the time I had my birthday on another date because I couldn't get a hold of my sister on her phone since she had left to Spain in a small town who's name I forgot to take beautiful pictures of known and emerging artists in the street or in the sky sometimes filled with planes without being egocentric. Sence is a common misspelling of sense. Besides, I don't have sisters.



Alberto Giacometti “On Ne Joue Plus” (“No More Play), 1932.

"I whirl in the void. In broad daylight I contemplate space and the stars which traverse the liquid silver around me."

The void as obliteration-creation versus the void as habitation-banality. The non-space which will inaugurate aesthetics/politics which consistently comes up against the designated space of the Police. 

(via cyborges)

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